NEW ORLEANS - Mayor Mitch Landrieu said that despite protests and attempts to keep three Confederate-era monuments standing in prominent places around the city, the monuments would 'come down,' though perhaps not until after the Jazz Fest, which continues this weekend.

"The Civil War is over," he said to the media Tuesday.

Landrieu said that he supports the rights of people to protest on either side of the issue, as long as they do it in a peaceful manner. He said he is nervous about weapons reportedly at the site of the Jefferson Davis Memorial because the issue is so emotional.

Monday night the acrimony at the Jefferson Davis Memorial included reports of bottle tossing and pushing and shoving, along with angry outbursts.

Media covering the event said the crowd was at its largest yet, estimated at about 200 people and emotions ran high.

Police eventually swept in and put up barricades. A large truck showed up at the scene, fueling rumors that the monument would come down.

Landrieu said Tuesday that there was never a plan for the monument, or any of the others, to come down Monday night or early Tuesday.

Landrieu remained mum on when the monument removal would resume. A week ago Monday, crews removed the monument to the Battle of Liberty Place in the wee hours.