NEW ORLEANS - The city of New Orleans is looking for outside companies to both run the Sewerage and Water Board on an interim basis and to do a look back at the issues the agency had with the running of the pumps and the disseminated information over the weekend.

Mayor Mitch Landrieu said the private company running the board on an interim basis is necessary amid the firings and resignations atop the agency.

Landrieu said the company would do a "serious and thorough analysis and transition to the next executive director and leadership team."

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The announcement comes in the wake of Saturday's flooding that saw anywhere from 5 to 9 inches of rain fall around the city, inundating some buildings, homes and cars - in some cases for the second time in two weeks.

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In the aftermath of the flooding, board officials, including Grant, said initially that all the pumps were working. It has since been announced that 7, then 8, then 14 and finally 16 pumps were not working. At one point a key pump for the Lakeview area was only at 52 percent capacity and Thursday it was revealed that a major pump at the Broad Street station was not working either.