NEW ORLEANS -- Lebron James has a history of giving back to the city hosting the NBA All-Star Game and this year is no different.

James sponsored a group of high school students to make the trip to New Orleans for the NBA All-Star Game this year. While they're here, they'll help rebuild two homes.

"It's good to be out here, getting to know the community, helping out the community, doing what we have to do to better our world," said student ambassador Russell Cooper.

"It's really about touching a city that needs it and being here and really giving back," added Jackson Tankersley.

The group of teenagers traveled from Akron, Ohio, a suburb of Cleveland and Lebron James' hometown. They are sawing, hammering, drilling and putting up drywall trying to make the house livable by the end of March.

"Knowing someone is going to live in these houses... it's so hard to explain," Sasianna said.

Prince Holmes, Executive Director of Youth Rebuilding New Orleans, said the experience is just as important for the students as it is for the people they're helping.

"Young people feel like they don't have anything to give, but your time is everything," said Prince Holmes, Youth Rebuilding New Orleans Executive Director. "Time is awesome, that's all we ask for and the fact that Lebron is creating an opportunity for young people to do that is amazing."

The group is scheduled to help tornado victims move debris on Friday. On Saturday, the group will be able to watch the All-Star practice and explore New Orleans.