NEW ORLEANS -- While there is outrage over what musician Irvin Mayfield is accused of doing, detailed in an indictment issued by a grand jury, there are those who say they're willing to forgive.

"I think all the New Orleans music is, a very small music community that we have here in New Orleans," James Andrew said.

Some of them have been hearing about the allegations of fraud and money laundering against well known Irvin Mayfield.

"He was one of the faces that helped rebuild the city and the rally, get the music community back up in spirit."

But the news was still saddening to hear.

"It's just a shock to see one of our people have to go through this much trouble."

As the news broke, other musicians likr Alexander Majcherski say they also recognize the good he's done, despite the charges.

"He as a musician has inspired many people already and given a lot," Majcherski said.

As mentioned, he was one of the locals. And as such, he served as an ambassador for the city and for jazz, so could this cast a shadow over the local community?

"I don't think it'll reflect on the New Orleans community as a whole, Irvin is perceived as an individual, this is an individual situation," Keith Spera said.

Spera covers music and reviews for the Advocate.

"His musical legacy exists on its own, -- I mean the records he did with Los Hombres Calientes, the record he did with New Orleans Jazz Orchestra, his solo albums."

If he's found guilty of any of the charges, it's more likely to have an effect on Mayfield's own person alcareer.

"I wish the best for Irvin, and his family and I hope he will be okay, and I hope God will bless him," Andrews said.

But for now, other musicians like Andrews is waiting to here better news about Mayfield.