ALGIERS -- Residents in a local apartment complex are frustrated with management for the water issues they've been experiencing. However, property managers say they've been having problems getting the Sewerage and Water Board to respond.

For months, residents of the Oakmont Apartment Complex have experienced low water pressure or no water at all.

"You can go without lights before water," said Shannon Spottsville. "You need water. How are you going to brush your teeth in the morning?"

It happened again Wednesday leaving many, like Spottsville, without water for 24 hours.

"We've been out of water since maybe 10:30am yesterday and it just came back on today around probably 3 p.m.," she said. "I couldn't take a bath, I couldn't wake up and brush my teeth. I have stuff in the toilet you know it's really frustrating. It's aggravating and I'm pregnant."

Management says they're aware of what's going on and are just as upset.

"It's frustrating because not only does it affect our office, our staff," said Property Manager, Christa Goodick. "It also effects all of our tenants."

"You've got people who work, people who go to school, people who can't cook and take showers," said Joshua Bruno. "My own office and staff who work there couldn't even use the bathroom on site. And what do you say to people like that who have to go to work and preform?"

Bruno says the problem is underground.

"It's been a little more than a year and a half we started having some on both sides of the apartment complexes some severe high and low water pressure situations that do fluctuate throughout the city," Bruno said. "Eventually after contacting numerous engineers and plumbers we figured out that water meters were faulty, they were just aging. They're very larger meters that have probably been there for 40 plus years. I guess they needed some sort of service throughout that time period and for whatever reason they weren't."

He says they have reported the issue multiple times to the Sewerage and Water Board, however, months go by and nothing's been done.

"We've been dealing with them and trying urgently to get someone to act other than just send someone to look and say, 'Hey there's a meter there, hey everything's fine' since middle of 2016."

"The last nine months now we've been complaining to them about the issue out here about the pit filling up, low pressure in buildings, and they send somebody out and say there's nothing wrong and we get the run around," Goodick said.

That is until Thursday afternoon when crews came out.

The water started running again, bringing some relief to residents and management who say, unfortunately, they expect it to happen again.

"They just need to tear the apartments down," Spottsville said. "Rebuild and start from there. It's always something with the water."

"If we had another option we wouldn't use the Sewerage and Water Board," Bruno said. "We'd use a private entity or we would supply our own water, but unfortunately that's not a viable option for a building with a 1,000 people living there."

Eyewitness news spoke with the Sewerage and Water Board, who says they've been in touch with Bruno and are now looking into the status of all work orders.