NEW ORLEANS - In light of the deadly terrorist attack in Barcelona, people are talking about the safety of Bourbon Street. The City of New Orleans has plans to put up bollards to stop traffic from driving down the street, but there is no imminent timeline on when that'll happen.

Construction in the 500-800 blocks of Bourbon Street is put on hold and the barricades wouldn't go up until all the construction on Bourbon Street is finished. The city gets about 10 million visitors a year and a lot visit the famous street, this is why the city wants bollards up.

"Having security and preventative measures would be really, really great because it's better to anticipate something as opposed to cleaning up afterwards," said Joshua Duncan, Johnny White's bartender.

During certain hours on Bourbon Street, you'll see a police barricade up blocking the road to traffic. It's not heavy duty and a car could drive right through it. As part of a $30 million safety plan, the city announced sturdier barricades will be installed on the famous street to prevent an attack like what happened in Barcelona. More than a dozen people were killed and 100 others injured after a van plowed through a popular tourist area. That attack has some people here worried.

"I think the metal ones they had during Mardi Gras... those will be a lot more effective because I see people taking the plastic ones and move them at will so it's not really doing much of anything," said Duncan.

Others people don't want attacks in other cities changing New Orleans.

"It doesn't make me nervous but I hate it so bad for those people and their families," said Sissy White, from Gulf Shores, AL.

A potential attack doesn't make everyone nervous but sturdier barricades would make Duncan feel safer.

"By shutting the streets down I think it could avoid a lot of potential things that could happen. It would make me feel more secure," said Duncan.

The city said it would release an updated construction schedule in the coming weeks. The bollards are scheduled to be installed after the entire Bourbon Street construction project is complete.