NEW ORLEANS – After a violent weekend in the city, crime experts said the problem may only get worse.

Thirteen armed robberies and carjackings were reported between Oct.14-16. Historically, experts say armed robberies peak during November and December.

Many residents want more security, especially after a particularly bold attempted carjacking in Lakeview. It happened Sunday night on General Haig Street. Neighbors believe three men in a silver sedan followed a woman from Winn Dixie in Mid-City to her home in Lakeview and then waited for her to get out of her car.

"A car had passed and saw that she had stopped, turned around came back and as soon as she went to get the groceries out of the car they attacked her,” neighbor Gino Ascani said.

The women screamed and the men couldn't get the car to start so they fled the scene in the sedan, but not before firing three shots. The victim was not harmed, but despite having a private security patrol the entire neighborhood wants to take additional precautions.

"It just further solidifies that we need live cameras in Lakeview,” Ascani said.

Last week, there were 23 carjackings and armed robberies according to preliminary statistics from NOPD.

Eyewitness News Crime Analyst Jeff Asher is not surprised by the uptick.

"This is the period when armed robberies, it's a very seasonal crime, tend to start to spike,” Asher said.

November and December are historically the most common months for armed attacks.

"People are shopping for the holidays, holiday bonuses and things like that, people are out and about, lots of festivals so all those things could be contributing,” Asher said.

If the trends are any indication, Ascher explained things are only going to get worse in the coming weeks.

"Robberies have gone up and this sort of drives home that fact,” Asher said.

Residents in Lakeview feel helpless from stopping these crimes from happening.

“This was kind of unpreventable,” Ascani said of the attempted carjacking in Lakeview.

They want to ensure these incidents are recorded so police can quickly arrest those responsible.

“Catching it right after the fact and seeing them flee and following up on it, live cameras would have definitely helped,” Ascani said.

An LCPD officer happened to drive by the attempted carjacking moments after it happened, but neighbors said he was never dispatched. NOPD were dispatched at 9:13 p.m. and got on the scene 11 minutes later. NOPD said they are still investigating.