NEW ORLEANS -- Taking advantage of the sunshine, Gentilly resident John Holmes spent his Thursday afternoon mowing his lawn, but in the back of his mind, he's thinking about Hurricane Harvey.

"Being born and raised here, you know, I don't necessarily get emotional, but I know when to make a move or what have you," Holmes said.

Living through Hurricane Katrina, he's learned that it is not only important to have an evacuation plan, but also financial preparation.

"We had to evacuate for Katrina and if you didn't have cash money, where we were, you were broke. Couldn't get anything verified from the banks, credit cards and checks weren't valid at that time. So, I caution everyone to have adequate finances. Cash finances," Holmes said.

"I'm monitoring it just about every day. Just about every hour," Gentilly resident Marilyn Perry said.

If things change, Perry, plans on driving east.

"Probably until about Friday or Saturday to see exactly where it's going to go. And then we'll probably head up to Florida or wherever you know. Just to stay out of harm's way," Perry said.

Hurricane Harvey is expected to make landfall in Texas Saturday, potentially bringing heavy rains to Louisiana. New Orleans could possibly see five-to-ten inches by the time it moves through the state next week.

"I want to make a note that while it is a fact that the drainage capacity has improved since Aug. 5, we remain in a state of diminished draining capacity until more of our pumps and turbines are fully restored," Mayor Mitch Landrieu said.

Dayshanelle Brooks says if things get bad, she will stay in a hotel with her two young girls.

"They gonna be scared. Any little rain water. They don't like all of that so, it's better to get away if you can," Brooks said.

LaKeisha Brown lives in New Orleans East and plans on stocking up on goods, just in case.

"I'm a make sure I have my water, preparations, sandwich, meat and bread. You know, just in case the power be out. Long as we have food and water. We should be okay," Brown said.

For now, she's hoping for the best for her neighbors to the west.

"We gonna pray for Texas right now. That they're okay, cause we know how that feel," Brown said.