NEW ORLEANS -- With the help of his neighbors, Don Bradley loaded sand bags in his van. Born and raised in New Orleans, he knows all too well not to mess with mother nature.

"I've lived through Katrina. I've lived through Betsy. I've lived through Camille. I've lived through a whole lot of hurricanes, and I know you're not suppose to take them lightly," Bradley said.

Being disabled, Bradley also knows he needs to have a back up, especially if flood waters make it difficult for him to get out.

"I've already registered with the city, with 311. And so, I'm all taken care of. I have all of my medicines. Everything is ready. So, I'm just waiting for the call," Bradley said.

Bradley, along with dozens of other New Orleans residents, spent their Friday afternoon packing sand bags.

Residents can pick up sand bags at these five fire station locations:
- Engine Company 13 987 Robert E. Lee
- Engine Company 16 2000 Martin Luther King
- Engine Company 27 2118 Elysian Fields
- Engine Company 17 4115 Woodland
- Engine Company 36 5403 Read

For a list of sandbags locations by parish, click here.

"We've moved a lot more than we anticipated," NOFD Chief Tim McConnell said. "So it shows you the demand. That people are recognizing and heeding the call."

Mayor Mitch Landrieu, along with local leaders and agencies held a press conference Friday afternoon. Right now, Landrieu says there is no threat for a mandatory evacuation, however, the city is monitoring Harvey's path.

"This one looks like right now, a rain event, but if it turns into a wind event, that can turn into an electrical outage event. And, depending on where the storm goes and how it goes, you just have to be prepared," Landrieu said.

The NOPD and the NOFD have 24 high water vehicles and 39 boats ready to go. They also plan on staying open at the five fire stations 24/7.

"I believe we've moved 30 yards of sand from (Elysian Fields) alone. And we just had another 12 and another 6 coming. So, as long as we can keep the sand flowing. If not, tomorrow at 6 am, it starts again," McConnell said.

It's those preparations and family plans Bradley feels will keep him safe, no matter where Harvey decided to travel next.

"It's not our first rodeo, so we're prepared you know," he said. "I have a good family that'll be there for me."