NEW ORLEANS -- If you get into a traffic accident in New Orleans, it could take police hours to respond, but a new proposal could get drivers help faster.

The proposal would allow off duty, retired and reserve police officers to assist during minor crashes. The goal is to free up time for on-duty officers while still helping people in non-emergency situations.

“This frees us up tremendously and it makes us more efficient,” NOPD Chief Michael Harrison said. “We can focus on things that are more important like violent crime, response to violent crime, getting to people faster who need our help, response times, community engagement, all types of other initiatives that are important to us that sometimes we just don't have enough time to get to on a daily basis.”

Drivers would still call 911 for help after an accident and the dispatcher would still send someone to investigate the crash.

This proposal would only apply to minor crashes. If there are any injuries, an on-duty police officer would be sent to the scene.

Harrison said police are working to secure the contract by the end of the year