NEW ORLEANS – Monday marked the first day on the job for the new interim director of the Sewerage and Water Board Marcie Edwards.

Edwards is the second interim director since Paul Rainwater took over for Cedric Grant.
In New Orleans, the work to fix the city’s drainage system is a collaboration between the city’s Department of Public Works and the Sewerage and Water Board.

Efforts to clean the repair the city’s drainage system is why orange fences have been popping up around the city. An abundance have been seen in Lakeview near West End and Robert E. Lee.
Along the same areas, brand new catch basins have also been installed.

All the new work could help prevent flooding, but in some other parts of the city residents say they’re still waiting on the Sewerage and Water Board to fix other issues.

"Everybody who walks down the sidewalk has to go around this obstacle,” resident Chris Cole said as he pointed to a broken sewer line near his home in Mid-City.

"And they wanted me to correct before they even heard from me, the plumbers, they just sent something out,” Cole said.

Since October, he’s been going back and forth with the board over who is responsible. According to Cole’s documents, his property doesn’t extend to the sidewalk where the pip is broken.
Down the street on South Hennessey, Andrew Syzpula is worried he will get stuck with a huge bill because he has not received anything since moving in in August.

"There's no way to say, ‘This is how many gallons we've used since we've moved in,’” Syzpula said.

Now it is up to Edwards to help with solutions. She will be serving as interim director until May when Mayor-elect Cantrell takes office. Eyewitness News reached out to Edwards and a spokesperson said her schedule was too full on her first day to grant an interview.