NEW ORLEANS - The city council has passed an ordinance allowing short term rentals, like Airbnb, with regulations.

The vote came by a 6-1 margin. Councilman Jared Brossett was the dissenting vote. The vote is preliminary and a formal vote will need to come later.

The vote came after a nearly three-hour meeting in front of a standing-room only crowd.

"This will ensure that an already bad situation will not get worse," said Councilman Jason Williams, who said he was voting against his best interest. "The city of New Orleans has put in the most robust set of restrictions on Airbnb."

The speakers talked about some of the positive ways that short term rentals have worked out for them, especially providing additional income.

Other speakers talked passionately about regulating the short term rentals or getting rid of them altogether.

Council President Stacy Head said that the decision was the best one for the city.

"We have learned that an absolute ban does not work," she said in a statement after the vote. "Not only is it certain that STRs will continue to exist despite a ban, but a ban means that no revenue will be collected... which gives them an unfair advantage and deprives the city of needed revenue."