NEW ORLEANS – For the second time in two weeks heavy rains flooded Treme. As bad as it was then, it was twice as bad Saturday.

“It’s crazy, you can’t go out your front door,” exclaimed one woman, trapped inside of her home.

Robert Mathis has lived in Treme his entire life. Saturday he was wading through knee-deep water, wondering why it got this bad.

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“This happened about two weeks ago,” he exclaimed. “Where’s the money going for the drainage, the sewerage and what they doing Uptown? They got a pumping station on Broad Street, why this not pumping (as he pointed at the water, which didn’t appear to be receding). Where’s our councilman? Where are they at?”

Lucky Johnson didn’t feel so lucky Saturday. His Treme restaurant sits on Orleans and Galvez, which appeared to be the hardest hit spot with more than a foot of water inside. He said he wasn’t surprised that his business flooded – a second time.

“It’s like Katrina all over again. This happened two weeks ago. It was raining and raining. That’s normal, but the flooding is weird.”

Managers at the popular Willie Mae’s restaurant said they were stunned when the heavy rains turned into floodwaters inside their establishment.

“That two hours of rain can cause this problem is ridiculous,” said one manager. “I mean, the city’s got to get it together. This wasn’t a hurricane. This wasn’t Katrina. It wasn’t a major storm. It was two hours of rain.”

Meteorologists said about six inches of rain hit in the Treme area, forcing some to park their cars on the neutral ground, but that wasn’t a consolation to some.

“New Orleans has to do better than this,” said a long time resident.