NEW ORLEANS -- At Canseco's Market, water is going fast -- by the gallon and by the case.

"We have food, water, canned goods. We're ready," said Lynn Roberts, who survived Hurricane Katrina.

Lynn says she knows what a hurricane can do and won't be caught off guard.

Hurricane Harvey isn't expected to hit New Orleans directly, but it is expected to send a lot of rain. And after floods on July 22 and Aug. 5, that's a huge concern.

"I'm worried to death about those pumps. Will those pumps hold up?" asked Lynn.

Wayne Johnson isn't as worried.

"I'm going to hold off on panicking until they decide which direction it's going and what the impact will be here," he said.

Employees at Breaux Mart are stocking shelves with water so customers can get what they need ahead of the heavy rain coming our way.

"I like to be prepared if something should happen. I have water and some food to last if the electricity goes," said Kari Cale.

"I'm hoping it's not as bad and it doesn't come as close to the city as they think it may," Wayne said. " If things get that bad, I'll just have to get the boat going."