NEW ORLEANS -- Fire fighters were dispatched to Mardi Gras World on the first night of Buku Fest after one of the festival goers went into the Mississippi River.

According to a report from The Advocate, the Buku Music and Art Project attendee apparently jumped into the water near the Creole Queen riverboat, which is docked near the festival's main stage and used as a VIP area.

The current reportedly carried the man about 600 feet before he grabbed hold of a piling under the wharf.

NOFD searched the wharf with flashlights and thermal imagers while the Creole Queen launched a rescue boat. According to NOFD, Emergency Medical Services found the man, who then moved to dry land where he was rescued by firefighters.

There were reported of a second person in the water, but NOFD says no one was found after a primary and secondary search.

Eight NOFD units carrying 25 NOFD Fire Suppression and support personnel worked in the rescue effort along with NOEMS, Harbor Police and The Creole Queen.

For more on the rescue and the first night of Buku, visit the New Orleans Advocate's website.