NEW ORLEANS - E.C. Colley Warehouse Supervisor Crochan Porter is disgusted at what he sees dumped in the 2900 block of Clio Street next to his building in the Central City neighborhood of New Orleans.

"You have tires here," Porter said as he walked through a large pile of debris. "You've got mattresses, box springs, wood, sofas, love seats, there's all kind of mess."

Saturday night, surveillance cameras caught illegal dumpers in the act, disposing of dozens of used tires in the middle of the road.

The video shows a group of men in a U-Haul box truck, making two trips to the site.

It's not the first time people have used this street near South Claiborne as an illegal dump site.

"About the third or fourth time these tires are being dumped down here," Porter said. Our trucks can't get through. We're being blocked off from loading and unloading our trucks and traffic coming through here."

The city cleaned up the area in June, taking away truck loads of debris after a series of reports on WWL-TV.

Jason Horne owns and operates the XS Martial Arts Dojo around the corner.

"We're constantly growing," Horne said. "But, when you have things like illegal dumping going on behind your building, when potential customers drive by and see that, it can really hinder your growth."

New Orleans Police Deputy Chief Paul Noel says the NOPD is now investigating this illegal dump site.

"The New Orleans Police Department has partnered in the past with the LA Department of Environmental Quality, the state police and other agencies to focus on illegal dumping," Noel said. "We have made arrests in the past."

Noel added there's a way to trace old tires back to the dealer.

"Every time when you buy new tires, you turn your old tires in," Noel said. "Those tires are supposed to be tracked on some type of manifest. We are able to use that information."

Chief Noel says detectives will be contacting the E.C. Colley Warehouse for video of Saturday's illegal dumping.

Horne hopes it helps catch those responsible for this later spate of illegal dumping.

"You're making it hard on us," Horne said. "Just do it the right way, go to the dump. Pay to get it dumped."