A New Orleans crime fighter was a crime victim in the 3900 block of the North I-10 Service Road in Metairie.

According to the Jefferson Parish Sheriff's Office, around 3 p.m. Sunday, New Orleans Police Officer Ayona McGilverry reported her personal car had been burglarized.

The burglar shattered the driver's side window, popped open her trunk and stole the 23-year old officer's duty weapon, Taser, extended baton, handcuffs, radio, flashlight and two loaded magazines.

The Fraternal Order of Police's Donovan Livaccari says the NOPD requires officers to take "reasonable steps" to secure that kind of equipment.

"You wouldn't leave it sitting on the front seat of the car with the windows down and the doors unlocked," Livaccari said. "But, generally speaking in the trunk is a secure area of a car."

Neighbors in the Danny Park subdivision, near where the car break-in happened told WWL-TV, they haven't see any recent uptick in vehicle burglaries in the area. The apartment complex where the crime happened says the property does not have cameras.

Homeowner Ron Ritter thinks the officer may have been targeted.

"It was probably a known fact that possibly the individual had those items in the car," Ritter said. "They were just waiting for an opportune time."

Both the FOP and neighbors are hoping that the officer's gun and other equipment are returned before someone gets hurt.

"Not only are you missing a vital tool for the performance of your job, but also now you have this piece of equipment that has deadly consequences that's in the wrong hands," Livaccari said.

"With all the violence going on today, it is perilous times for sure," Ritter said. "We just have to be careful and hope and pray that nothing comes from that and maybe the goods will be recovered."

New Orleans police released this statement about the car break-in.

"NOPD was made aware of this unfortunate incident and responded to the scene accordingly. The sergeant at the scene advised that it appeared the officer had stored her duty belt and related items in the trunk of her locked and secured personal vehicle. The perpetrator gained entry to the officer's personal vehicle by breaking a window and then obtained access to the trunk, where the officer's duty belt and related items were found."

"Officers are required to ensure that all police-issued firearms, ammunition and other weapons or accessories are locked and secured while in their homes, vehicles or any other area under their control in a manner that will keep the items inaccessible to children and irresponsible adults."

"While officers are encouraged to refrain from storing firearms in vehicles whenever possible, based on the circumstances of this incident, the officer will not face disciplinary action."