NEW ORLEANS - The NOPD was putting up barricades around Lee Circle Friday afternoon.

The monument that sits in the center of Lee Circle is one of three slated to be taken down following a city council vote two years ago and several court rulings.

The other two monuments that are to be taken down include the P.G.T. Beauregard monument near the entrance to City Park and the Jefferson Davis Memorial on Jefferson Davis Parkway near Canal Street.

The Jefferson Davis statue has been the site of pro-monument people keeping a watch and anti-monument people coming to counter-protest.

That monument had barricades and fencing placed around it after an especially confrontational night Monday.

The monument to the Battle of Liberty Place came down two weeks ago.

At the time, Mayor Mitch Landrieu said that the remaining monuments would come down "sooner rather than later," however there is no established timeline and indication are that no removal would come until the Jazz Fest is over.

While this activity is going on, a bill is working its way through the Louisiana legislature that would prevent the removal of those monuments.

Take 'Em Down NOLA is planning a march/second line Sunday that will go from Congo Square to Lee Circle.