NEW ORLEANS -- The NOPD will begin issuing fines, and possibly stop responding to homes where false alarms continue to tie up valuable police resources, according to the department.

Starting Monday, May 1, the NOPD will implement a 'four strikes' and you are out policy to false alarms from the same address. 

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There will be no fine for the first false alarm, however, there will be a $75 fine for the second offense, $150 for the third and fourth offenses. After that, a notice of suspension will be sent and police will no longer respond to alarms from that address.

Citizens will have a 15-day grace period in which to appeal. They may also re-instate alarm coverage by providing proof that the alarm has been repaired.

The NOPD will respond to 911 calls from that residence or business, just not for tripped alarms.

All Orleans Parish alarm users are required to register under the law. This includes all private residences and business locations within Orleans Parish. 

REGISTER | Online registration is now available at

False alarms are caused by a variety of factors, including employee error, environment, improper code, power outages, animals and equipment malfunctions. By enforcing a fine system, police hope to provide an incentive for businesses and residents to properly use and maintain their alarms.

NOPD is taking a new approach to dealing with false alarms, which currently account for the overwhelming number of alarm calls,” said Superintendent Michael Harrison. “These calls waste a tremendous amount of our officers’ time and resources.  By decreasing or eliminating false alarm calls, we’re enabling officers to respond to actual crimes and emergencies when they arise. Our job is to protect and serve the people of New Orleans, and this program is going to help free up officers’ time to do just that.”

The NOPD says 98.9 percent of alarm calls in New Orleans were false alarms in 2016.

The number for information about the False Alarm Ordinance Program is 1-855-905-0614.