Here are the 10 most-read stories on in 2017.

1/ Jefferson Davis memorial comes down: It wasn't the first Confederate-era monument to go, nor was it the last, but this particular one seemed to be the one where opponents of the removal made a stand, as did those who wanted them gone.

2/ Fats Domino dead at 89: The legendary rock-and-roller with the New Orleans roots passed away and celebrities all over the world mourned. When some of the younger generation heard some of his tunes for the first time, they were blown away by how many of his songs they actually knew.

3/ New Orleans East tornado: The category-3 was said to be the strongest in recorded New Orleans history and miraculously no one was killed, but a several block area was laid to waste.

4/ Dozens hurt after car crashes into Endymion crowd: The recipe for a major disaster included the city's most-crowded parade, a drunk driver and an inability to communicate well with a lot of cell phone towers being maxed out. Luckily no one was killed, but several people were badly hurt and some are still dealing with severe injuries.

5/ The eclipse: It wasn't a total eclipse here, but it was enough to get an awful lot of attention and it was a treat for many and a break from the harder news stories.

6/ Metairie man's stop at gas station ends in deadly encounter: By all accounts Ryan Dubuc was headed for his job as an electrician as he would normally do. He stopped at a convenience store and was approached by a man who got into his truck. The two men left together, but Dubuc's body was found on the side of the road with several gunshot wounds.

7/ Hurricane Irma watches likely for Florida: It was a busy season. Louisiana, thankfully, dodged most of the worst of it, though southwestern Louisiana got water-logged from Nate.

8/ Edwin Edwards reflects on his life at 90: Louisiana's only four-time governor, who was convicted in 2001 on federal charges, talked about his life on the Eyewitness Morning News.

9/ Off-duty Westwego officer shot and killed while helping with accident: A 26-year-old off-duty Westwego police officer thought he was assisting a car crash victim. Instead, the person inside of the vehicle was dead and the suspect in that case then turned a gun on Officer Michael Louviere. The suspect, 32-year-old Sylvester Holt, would then end up on the Crescent City Connection where he shot himself in the chest after talking to negotiators for a while.

10/ Gruesome deadly crash on Causeway: Police believe that Olivia Matte had been drinking when her car slammed into a pickup truck that then slammed into a guardrail, which went through the windshield of James Blackmond's vehicle, killing him.