NEW ORLEANS -- Residents living along Napoleon Avenue are angry that a recent construction project has left them with partially-blocked catch basins.

The partially-blocked catch basin in front of David Eustis' home has been trapping a lot of debris.

"Before they did all the drainage work out here and repaved the street the street was level with the bottom of this," Eustis said, pointing to the inches of asphalt blocking part of a drain.

Eustis says flooding still happens despite a multimillion dollars SELA construction project aimed at improving drainage.

He and his neighbors have taken their complaints to the city.

"I think the public is going to be shocked," said New Orleans Councilmember Stacy Head.

Head was surprised to hear the city had somehow signed off on the work after the US Corps of Engineers finished it.

"And to leave us with arguably with a more dangerous interior problem on Napoleon Avenue because they cover our catch basins is offensive, to say the least," Head said.

She is now demanding the Corps fix it.

Rene Poche with the US Army Corp of Engineers says the partially blocked covers are nothing to be alarmed about, and it's an issue they've been monitoring for a couple of months.

"They performed as designed, meaning the water that was on the street flowed into the catch basins and into the box culvert," Poche said. "We'll figure that out with the city, and then we'll figure out who has to cover the costs of the repair."

He says repairs will be made, but said he did not know how long it would take.

Meanwhile, Eustis says not a lot has changed.

"You still have the problem where the water stands," he said.

A meeting is planned between the Army Corps of Engineers and members of the city council next week to inspect the basins.