NEW ORLEANS – Officials revealed plans Monday to add more traffic cameras to city streets.

Currently, the city has 66 cameras at 42 locations, some in school zones, others at red lights looking for drivers violating traffic laws.

- 37 cameras covering 21 school zones for school zone violations and speeding
- 23 cameras covering 17 intersections for red lights and speeding
- 6 cameras covering 4 locations for speeding only

A video captured several cars speeding in school zones across New Orleans. (On the app? Tap here to watch.)

Mayor Mitch Landrieu is proposing to add 56 more cameras at other school zones and red lights. He believes it is a good government measure to make the streets safer for drivers.

"You don't get the calls but I do, from parents who are constantly complaining about individuals in the city who are running red lights," said Mayor Landrieu. "It's almost a joke nationally that people in New Orleans think that yellow means go faster."

Ten of the new traffic cameras will be mobile units. Together all the new cameras are expected to bring millions to the city budget after expenses and payments to the company operating the cameras.

"That represents about $5 million net in revenue to the city, $8 million overall, but it is going to cost about $3 million to run the program," said Deputy Mayor and Chief Administrative Officer Jeff Hebert. "This is what we've heard from the community. This is what we've heard from the schools to move to school zones, and increase the number in school zones."

Traffic cameras have been a contentious issue since the Landrieu administration began adding them in 2010, and some residents were not happy to hear more are coming.

"I think they're shady, I'm not for them, I'm really not for them," said one man.

Still, the mayor said drivers can ensure they are never ticketed by any of the cameras.

"The primary point here is to ask the citizens to drive more carefully and within the law," said Landrieu. "If you don't run a red light, you're not going to get a ticket. If you don't speed in a school zone, you're not going to get a ticket, and lives are going to be saved."