NEW ORLEANS – Oak Street was packed on Sunday as residents enjoyed Poboy Fest.

The fest was postponed from Oct. 22 to Nov. 12 due to inclement weather. However, the day brought lot of sunshine and poboys.

“Nice weather, cold beer, and any kind of poboy you want,” one festival goer said.

The fest several poboys including a Kung Fu tuna poboy, a lobster poboy and even a poboy dog.

“We have a hard time walking down the street cause they are constantly taking pictures of us. That's what we are here for! To make it fun for everyone,” the dog’s owner said.

The dog was definitely not a part of the competition for the best poboy at the festival. Judges were tasked with picking the best one.

"It's hard work but delicious work and it takes a lot of napkins," one of the judges, New Orleans restaurant and food writer, Ian McNulty, said.

“My favorite thing is being out with New Orleans people, eating food, talking about food. It’s a great scene out here,” McNulty, said.