NEW ORLEANS -- A female deputy who worked as a guard at the Orleans Justice Center has been arrested for having sexual contact with an inmate and bringing illegal drugs into the jail.

Oshen Heilman, 25, was arrested at the jail Tuesday afternoon when she arrived for work, multiple sources said.

Heilman was booked with three counts of sexual battery, five counts of possession with intent to distribute marijuana, oxycodone and schedule IV narcotics, several contraband and conspiracy charges, as well as sexual malfeasance in prison.

Heilman, who was immediately suspended, has been an Orleans Parish Sheriff’s deputy for about 18 months.

Heilman was hired by the sheriff's office in May 2016 and had been a guard assigned to an inmate pod in the direct supervision jail, meaning that she came into regular contact with inmates throughout her shift.

According to the sheriff's office, she admitted to smuggling contraband into the jail and was paid $500 to deliver it. Heilman also admitted that she brought drugs into the facility on three separate occasions for an inmate that she was romantically involved with.

The $150 million jail was opened to much fanfare in 2016, with sheriff’s office leaders boasting about the improvements over the now-shuttered Orleans Parish Prison.

One of the features of the new 1,438-bed lockup is constant security camera surveillance of all corners of the facility. Sheriff’s office investigators are still gathering video of Heilman’s activities inside the jail.

The sexual battery charges arise from the fact that inmates can’t give legally give consent.

Heilman is expected to make her first court appearance Tuesday night.