NEW ORLEANS – New Orleans is falling under a cold spell and as temperatures drop, water could soon freeze while sensitive vegetation may succumb to the frost.

Resident Dawn Carl has been living in New Orleans for more than 30 years.

"It's time to move to Florida. I'm not used to this,” Carl said.

Carl lives in a home in St. Claude where she is prepping for the frigid weather.

"I had to go digging for winter clothes I haven't used for years,” Carl said.

The forecast on Monday night calls for a hard freeze with temperatures dipping into the 20s.

"All the pipes don't go under the ground they actually run up underneath the house,” she said.

Carl lives in a raised shotgun-style home.

"This isn't a special wrapping, you can even use pull noodles if you wanted to,” she said as she pointed to her pipes.

She said she has done her best to insulate the pipes but the temperatures can threaten many other pipes and residents in the area.

Charles Robinson owns Eagle Plumbing Repairs. He expects a lot of calls in the coming days.

“It's because the public isn't protecting the pipes,” Robinson said.

From old metal pipes to plastic ones, Robinson says once a line freezes, it can be damaged.

"If there's a little bit of water coming out of the pipes, I would say call the plumber,” Robinson said.

Carl's said she is also protecting what her plants outside by covering up plant roots with sawdust and using cloth for the leaves.

However, until the frigid temperatures pass, she says she doesn't plan to leave her house.

"This thing where I need two pairs of gloves, panty hose, leggings underneath my jeans uh, yeah, no."

The State Fire Marshal issued an emergency alert reminding residents to have working smoke detectors as well as carbon monoxide detectors for gas homes, especially as people use heaters.