NEW ORLEANS – The meeting wasn't meant for public comment, but the people of New Orleans would be heard.

Several New Orleans residents took to the microphone during a City Council meeting THursday to vent their frustration with the city in the wake of Saturday's wide-spread flooding.

“Here we are doing the blame game," one frustrated resident said. "This happens too much, too much, too much."

One resident brought up the fact that the city is celebrating its tricentennial, saying it is difficult to see what the city has to offer when the pumps do not work.

“We are showing how New Orleans is the hub for culture, entertainment and history, but we have a second-class Sewerage and Water Board system,” another angered resident said.

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City officials gave several suggestions on things that can be done to help combat future flooding. Suggestions included that home barrels could be added to catch water, front yard landscaping could be rearranged, crews could be more vigilant in removing street construction debris and small businesses could consider having door dams.

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Regarding Saturday’s flooding, officials say they are going to door to door to survey for damage assessments, 600 quick insurance claims have already been filed and checks are expected to come in starting next week and flood premiums will not rise as a result.

Additionally, officials say they want early warning systems for the city’s 11 underpasses and fees will be waived for building code permits.