NEWS ORLEANS -- Heat indexes made it into the triple digits today, and that made it hard for many to find cool off. Especially if your home don't have air conditioning.

"I bought the house in 1976," said Bob Heriard."I've never researched it, but I suppose it's a very old house."

Heriard's house doesn't have AC, partly because it was built before that modern convenience even invented.

"I just have never lived with air conditioning," he said.

However, architects designed his house to stay pretty cool.

"Open them [windows] during the day and just let the air blow through," he said.

Even with a breeze, it was 85 degrees inside the building this Thursday morning. Sounds hot, but on the outside, temperatures broke triple digits.

Now some of Heriard's neighbors near Carrollton and Baudin are having a much tougher time dealing with this heat.

Residents at the housing complex there, say a foot of water came into their homes, destroying nearly everything. Crews have been working quickly to dry out and replace walls, but it takes time, and for some, all they can do is wait.

"Got to sit around and wait until they get finished," Oscar Duffle said. "No place to go."

Yet down the street further, on Carrollton near City Park, the wait for relief comes a little faster with snowballs from Pandora's.

"It cools you down from the inside," said Ingra Anderson-Carter.

One thing about the snowball stand here is, the heat is good for business. Meanwhile, back at Heriard's house, one thing that does change in this heat is, he drinks a lot more water, right from the faucet.

"It's refreshing as can be," Heriard said