One company donated 400,000 pounds of food to the Second Harvest Food Bank in just one day. The donation the food bank received on Saturday, was the largest single donation ever.

On Sunday, the Second Harvest Food Bank worked around the clock to get all the food to those in need.

“You can't put it into words sometimes, you know? When you see somebody who is in need, and you know you are here for a purpose and reason to end that hunger. You can't put it into words, you can’t,” Charles Pierre, program coordinator at Second Harvest Food Bank, said.

The food will feed people across the state, but the first the Second Harvest Food Bank has to get it out to them.

“Here at our warehouse, we are turning it around and sending it to local food pantries, to soup kitchens, homeless domestic abuse shelters and our partner agencies that work in after school programs,” Jay Vise, of the Second Harvest Food Bank, said.

However, the food is not just your normal canned food. All 400,000 pounds is fresh produce.

“A lot of the areas that we touch don’t have resources to access fresh vegetables or fresh produce. This was a huge opportunity to try to bridge that gap for those who don’t have cars or monetarily they are struggling, so this is just a great opportunity, and I am just so blessed to be here,” Vise said.

Fresh produce is greatly needed in the community, however since everything is perishable, Pierre and his crew have to work that much harder to get the food out. Organizations were getting food every 15 minutes, hoping to get the food out in 24 hours.

“All in a day's work to end hunger! Ya know, all in a day's work,” Pierre said.

The donation came in from the Produce Marketing Association’s Fresh Summit Convention.