NEW ORLEANS -- A group is making a push for New Orleans East to leave the city.

Saturday, Citizens for the City of East New Orleans are holding an informational meeting for people living in the Lower 9th Ward.

The informational meeting at Trinity Lutheran Center, 5234 N. Claiborne Avenue, on the corner of Egania Street. The meeting begins at 11 a.m.

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The group says since Hurricane Katrina, millions of federal dollars have been given to the city, but they feel they are not seeing it being used in New Orleans East.

Organizers say since their first meeting about secession, they have received an overwhelming response from people, not just in the East, but also from different parts of the city and even out of state.

"They're telling us, encouraging us to continue the battle. Do not take no for an answer," Leon D. Richard, with the Citizens for the City of East New Orleans, said.

"What we're doing is shaking the tree. We want to be sure and ensure that our tax dollars in our community is prosperous," Clyde McCoy, also with Citizens for the City of East New Orleans, said.

Organizers say after Saturday's informational meeting, they will start a petition.