NEW ORLEANS – Shoppers were out and about on Small Business Saturday looking for those perfect gifts for loved ones.

Business owners along Magazine Street were happy to know shoppers are buying from local owned stores instead of big corporations.

"There’s a great vibe on Magazine Street and we're excited for everyone to kick off the holiday season,” art dealer, Tony Mose, said.

That also holds true for locally owned Tasc Performance, a fitness apparel store. This year was their first time participating in Small Business Saturday and they were excited to see the foot traffic.

"We've seen a ton of people. Every Saturday on Magazine Street is generally busy. It has been great especially since Friday matching it so,” Amanda Colomb, Tasc Manager said.

Tasc workers say compared to a typical Saturday, sales have been up 30 percent.
“We can definitely feel the community's support,” Colomb said.

According to results from Small Business Saturday Consumer Insights Survey, 112 million people reported they shopped at a small business in 2016. That is up 10 percent from 2015.

The report also says the total reported spending reached about $15.4 billion. Small Business Saturday was started by American Express and is designed to help small businesses get the extra foot traffic and boost the economy.

While folks were out and about shopping on a beautiful day, businesses are hoping customers feel the benefits too.

“Taking advantage of what we have to offer and in turn giving great discounts and everybody is happy," Mose said.

According to Small Business Insight Survey, 72 percent of U.S. consumers are aware of Small Business Saturday and participate.