NEW ORLEANS - We’re learning more about one of the victim’s in the Gentilly triple murder.

10-year-old Justin Simms was a 5th grader at Samuel J. Green Charter School.

Justin's teacher, Craig Elzy, says he was a star student who always did what was right and never caused any trouble. His favorite subject was math.

Once, Mr. Elzy offered a dollar to any student who got a 100 percent on a difficult math test. Justin was the first one finished and the first one to get his money for a perfect score. The day he was killed, Justin was supposed to receive a perfect attendance away along with his little brother. When they didn’t show, teachers knew something was wrong.

“It was very difficult for me going back into the classroom, knowing that I was supposed to teach Justin's class a kid who's there every day a kid who I could always look to,” Elzy said.

Justin was also a peer tutor in the classroom. He was a top student and was eager to help his classmates excel too. Most recently Justin was busy teaching other students how to multiply.