NEW ORLEANS -- Two local non-profit organizations flooded on Aug. 5 and more than a week later, they're still unable to provide services for some of the city's most vulnerable people.

"We had 4-to-5 inches of water that stood here for about 24 hours," Sister Beth Mouch at the St. Jude Community Center said.

Heidi Nuss with the Odessey House Drug and Treatment Center said they were flooded as well.

"We had about 3 feet of water that came into the facility," Nuss said.

The aftermath is devastating.

"I wanted to cry," Mouch said. "I just wanted to cry."

Both non profits have temporarily closed and moved services. St. Judes Community Center will still serve lunch across the street, but had to stop other out reach programs until the center is repaired.

"We can't distribute food, we can't distribute clothes," Mouch said.

Odessey House had to move patients to another facility.

"I just know how difficult it is for people to make the choice to go into treatment and to be in a very vulnerable point in their life and then they come into the program with the disruption of flood waters," Nuss said.

Now, both centers are trying to save what they can, annoyed they're in this situation to begin with.

"It makes me sad, but it also makes me angry because I'm wondering if it had to be," Mouch said. "There's a lot I want to say to the city."

While she appreciates Mayor Landrieu being up front now, she says it's too little too late.

"Mayor Landrieu took responsibility for that, but it's after the fact," Mouch said about the Sewage and Water Board failures. Mouch says all she can do now is move forward and hope she doesn't find herself cleaning everything up all over again.

The 19 bed detox program at Odyssey House on Claiborne has been moved to the main facility. You can find more information here: or by calling 504-821-9211

There are two fundraisers for St. Jude Community Center. The first is Aug. 26 from Noon-5 p.m. at The Bulldog at 5135 Canal Blvd.

The second event is Oct. 4 at the Pavilion of Two Sisters