NEW ORLEANS -- Final exams have taken a step back in some Delagado student's minds after learning that their program could be eliminated.

Delgado Community College will cut some faculty and academic programs to streamline their budget, but some students fear the credit they've earned towards a degree is also on the chopping block.

“The program is going to go away, your credits won’t count, and you’ll basically have to start over," Rachelle Davis, a student in Delgado's TV, Film and Radio Production program, said

That’s the devastating news that Rachelle Davis says she and her classmates got just days ago.

“Mass communications, journalism, we have a lot of writers, the Delgado newspaper, all of that is going to go away” Davis added.

In a Statement, Delgado officials explained the cuts are in response to a 5-page Stability and Growth plan from the Louisiana Community & Technical College System board of supervisors. The plan directs schools to “conduct thorough reviews of all operations and develop a path forward focusing financial security.”

The memo points out, in light a crippled State budget, that “the current mid-year budget has already resulted in a mid-year reduction of 2 million dollars" to community and technical colleges.

Now, Delgado says it must review existing programs and scale back, or eliminate, those with low enrollment and high costs.

That puts students like Alexander Chacon on edge.

“I feel cheated," Chacon said. "You work so hard and put so much into it just for somebody to tell you that it’s not going to be worth it. Makes me feel furious, angry, sad, so many emotions."

"At this point, it seems like the job is done and there’s nothing that can be done, but we still need help,” Jones said.

In a statement, Delgado officials said the plan has not yet been approved by the state board of regents. Students enrolled in the affected programs will receive assistance with transfer and completion of their studies.