NEW ORLEANS -- Thanksgiving for some Lakeview residents was interrupted by a broken water line that forced the Sewage and Water Board to shut off their water completely.

A spokesperson for the S&WB said it had to be done, but residents say the water line was broken for days and could have been repaired before the holiday.

Angel Duran spent his Friday morning washing the dishes leftover from Thanksgiving. A broken water line left him and his neighbors without running water Thursday night. A Sewage & Water Board employee went by Duran's house to let him know.

"I said for how long? And he said we don't know, until we start fixing it. They said to put some water in a bucket and we did, but that's not convenient," Duran said.

Even with water in buckets, the Duran family quickly ran out. A few blocks away, the Vazquezes family didn't even get a courtesy warning.

"The water just completely went non existent about two hours into the gathering," David Vazquezes said.

A Sewage & Water Board spokesperson said the S&WB was unaware the water line was broken until noon on Thursday, giving them no choice, but to repair it on Thanksgiving.

"That is totally inaccurate," Vazquezes said. "On Wednesday afternoon we went shopping and we drove in that direction and saw the gusher, the flooding in the street, all the water gushing and we saw trucks in the area that appeared to be Sewage and Water Board trucks and when we came back the trucks were gone."

Vazquezes says he wouldn't be surprised if it happens again in the future, but he's hoping when it does, he'll be given a heads up.