NEW ORLEANS – Residents running their faucets to keep pipes from freezing are causing low water pressure on the east bank of Orleans Parish, according to the Sewerage & Water Board.

"Overuse across the east bank during this cold snap has forced the agency to reduce water pressure," a release from the Sewerage & Water Board read.

The S&WB reduced water pressure across the city Thursday to meet demand.

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Temperatures are expected to move above freezing during the day Thursday. Officials are asking residents to stop running their faucets while temperatures are up to conserve water and restore pressure.

"If residents must run their water to keep pipes from freezing, the Sewerage & Water Board urges them to do so only after temperatures drop below the freezing point: 32 degrees Fahrenheit," the S&WB release read. "They should run only the faucet farthest from their property's main stop valve. The stream should be no more than 1/16 of an inch wide, about "'pencil lead thin.'"

However, temperatures will drop back to below freezing this evening.

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"There is no concern at this time that pressure will drop low enough to trigger a boil-water advisory," the S&WB said.

The high demand can limit the New Orleans Fire Department's ability to draw water necessary to fight fires, according to the S&WB.