NEW ORLEANS -- As more Confederate monuments come down across the country, one of the most vocal groups involved in the removal of four monuments in New Orleans is calling for more to be done locally.

Take 'Em Down NOLA held a press conference on Thursday demanding that the city change street signs, schools and parks named after confederate leaders.

"History is what is written and recorded in books; statutes are just images," said Malcolm Suber of Take 'Em Down NOLA. "(History) will never change, but we don’t have to have those statues to know that."

The President of the United States disagrees, though. President Donald Trump posted a series of tweets Thursday denouncing the removal of statues and monuments saying in part "sad to see the history and culture of our great country being ripped apart."

The press conference didn't go without opposition. Charles Bonnecarre was there to voice his support for monuments to the confederacy and President Trump.

"It’s just a part of history, the statues aren’t hurting anybody," Bonnecarre said. "That confederate flag don't mean hate, it means love."

We reached out to the Monumental Task Committee, a group that wants confederate monuments to stay up, and members did not want to talk on camera.