NEW ORLEANS - A car racing away from State Police crashed into a building on St. Charles Avenue Thursday afternoon, scaring bystanders, closing parts of St. Charles Avenue temporarily and causing a possible gas line leak.

The incident occurred on St. Charles Avenue near Lee Circle around 1 p.m.

According to a witness at the scene, the car slammed into the wall of a business and the air bags deployed. The witness said that three people ran from the car.

Police say a 15-year-old is in custody and two other teens are being sought.

State Police said the incident began when they tried to stop the vehicle, which was being driven by a 15-year-old girl, because the car was reported stolen a week ago. Police said the girl resisted arrest and sped off.

"I saw the blue lights coming up the street, so I was trying to run across the street and let the police pass when the girls, they just swerved in there. I guess they was trying to make the turn," said a woman identified only as Eartha.

With the end of lunch-time traffic in the CBD those who witnessed the incident said it was miraculous that no one was killed.

"They had to be doing 50, 60 miles an hour easily," said Ted Rayond, who saw the incident.

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Another witness, who was inside of the Pricebusters store when the crash occurred, said the sound and vibrations scared those inside.

"It sounded like a huge explosion," said the store worker. "It scared the stew out of me. I took off running because it sounded like it was going to come straight through."