NEW ORLEANS – A third suspect has been arrested in killing of an armored truck guard during an attempted robbery.

According to the FBI, police arrested Armstead Kieffer for his alleged role in the fatal shooting of James McBride during the attempted robbery of a Loomis armored truck in Mid-City.

Loomis employees were servicing an ARM at the Campus Federal Credit Union in the 2200 block of Tulane Avenue on May 31 when Kieffer and two other men attempted to rob them at gunpoint, according to the FBI.

Gunfire was exchanged and McBride was fatally wounded. The armed robbers then fled the scene.

Kieffer’s son, Jerome Kieffer, was previously arrested in connection with the case along with Deltoine Scott. Both men are currently awaiting trial.

Scott and Kieffer face charges of attempted bank robbery resulting in death, using a firearm during and in relation to a crime of violence that resulted in death, and making false statements to a federal agent.

If convicted of the attempted bank robbery, Scott and Jerome Kieffer face a mandatory life sentence or death.