NEW ORLEANS – Since the Aug. 5 flood, three pumps have been repaired, city officials announced on Monday.

Crews have repaired three drainage pumps at Drainage Pump Stations #6, #7 and #11 and one pump has been taken offline at Drainage Pump Station #11 to conduct scheduled repair services. There are currently 105 of 120 available to be operational during heavy rainfall, the city says. The 15 pumps that are out of service are being assessed and emergency repairs have begun.

The city says that five contractors are working around the clock to fix those pumps that are out of service.

Additionally, the Department of Public Works is working Monday through Friday to clean and unclog catch basins and flush drain lines. DPW cleans an average of five-to-six catch basins per day per vacuum truck, the city says.

DPW has also issued a request for bids for an additional $7 million in catch basin cleanings with responses expected by Aug. 23. DPW has also requested bids for $14.8 million in drainage point repairs. Those bids are due Aug. 25.

The Flood Recovery Resource Center the city hosted to provide resources to flood-affected residents and businesses saw nearly 520 individuals throughout the four-day event. Catholic Charities Archdiocese of New Orleans will continue to assist residents.

For more information on flood recovery resources, residents and business owners should visit or call 311.