NEW ORLEANS -- When the City of New Orleans unveiled its budget for 2017 more traffic cameras were part of it.

The city will double the number of traffic cameras by adding 56 cameras -- including 10 mobile ones, which are estimated to bring in an additional $5 million in revenue. Drivers should see most of these cameras in school zones.

Landrieu defended the move, saying he gets regular complaints about the running of red lights and speeding. "It's almost a joke nationally that people in New Orleans think that yellow means go faster."

"If you don't run a red light, you won't get a ticket. If you don't speed in a school zone, you won't get a ticket," he added.

The budget increased from 2016 budget total of $600 million Mayor Mitch Landrieu announced to $614 million for 2017, with an emphasis on public safety and quality of life.

Landrieu said the city will increase the police budget by $8 million in 2017, including money for 150 officers.