NEW ORLEANS -- New Orleans police are in the process of figuring out how a pickup truck ended up in Bayou St. John. One that's very similar to one involved in a deadly hit and run.

"It's a mystery really, we don't know," said Angel Soulas, who lives in the neighborhood..

Neighbors along Bayou St. John woke to a strange sight Friday.

"When we were all getting up about 7:30-8:00, the neighbors started to gather by St. Ann and Moss because police had blocked off part of the street," Mike Zedon said.

"Come out, and there was a humongous tow truck trying to back up onto the bayou," Soulas said.

Pictures from witnesses show the problem: A truck in the water was being pulled out.

"The glass started cracking when it landed on the ground, and then {the tow-truck driver} flipped it over and he towed it away," Soulas said. "But before he towed it, after he flipped it, the police went in and investigated and looked at stuff."

However, what witnesses say is strange is how it got there.

"Somehow in the middle of the night and nobody heard it," Zedon said.

"I didn't hear anything," Soulas explained. "I feel like if there was a person in that truck when it went in the bayou, that they woould've been screaming for help and there would've been cops in the middle of the night or whenever it happened."

Eyewitness News reached out to New Orleans police to see if the truck pulled from the bayou, is the one they're looking for in connection with a fatal hit and run that happened about a week ago. Their response: "It's still too early in the investigation."

In that accident, near Almonaster and Louisa, a woman died after the SUV she was in was hit from behind. A four-year-old and an adult man in the car were also hurt. On Thursday, police sent this e-mail describing the suspect's vehicle as "possibly a red Ford F-150" with "damage to the right front bumper and front fender area." A description similar to the one witnesses say they say being pulled from the water Friday.

"I could tell it was a Ford because it said Ford," Soulas described. "But once they flipped it over it was like a maroon color, the hood was silver or grey like they had replaced it and the front end of the driver side was ripped."

While police have not confirmed if the two are related, both are being investigated.

If you have any information regarding either case, call Crimestoppers anonymously at 504-822-1111.