NEW ORLEANS - Tulane employees are reaching out to students after a fellow student died Sunday night in an apparent suicide.

Students went to and from Aron Residence as normal this afternoon but were left grappling with why a sophomore student would take her own life inside the apartment complex over the weekend. Campus officials are doing what they can to provide those students with support.

"We are working with the family and the community around that unexpected loss and really supporting that friendship circle that student had at the university at this time and really trying to provide support to them and the family,” Vice President of Student Affairs Dr. Dusty Porter said.

Since an unusually tragic year back in 2014 where 9 Tulane students died either from accidents or suicide, the campus has been working hard to provide college kids with more resources. After that spike the campus created a 24/7 helpline, expanded the number of counseling sessions students can take and provide more information about mental health to students and faculty.

Mental health experts say college kids often need the most help.

"I think there is an increased risk,” Scott Embley with LSU Health Campus Assistance said. “There are a lot of stresses that college students are under. Whether being away from home for the first time trying to figure out their daily routine peer pressure associated with it, academic performance the pressures associated with that.”

That's something Tulane employees are working hard to provide. Since 2014, the campus has seen a sharp decrease in student deaths and campus officials are working hard to keep it that way. If you need help, don't be afraid to ask.

"It is ok to seek help and break through that stigma and know that treatment is available and it is there,” Embley said.

Tulane President Mike Fitts released a statement that says in part: "Tragedies such as this remind us of the importance of community and the depth of our bonds as members of the Tulane family. Please keep this student's family in your thoughts and prayers as we unite with them in sorrow and support."

Tulane Mental Health Resources:

Counseling is available to students 24/7 through The Line at 504-264-6074.

Staff at CAPS, 504-314-2277, Student Resources and Support Services, 504-314-2160, and Housing and Residence Life will available between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. Monday-Friday.

The Employee Assistance Program is available for faculty and staff seeking counseling. Other resources for faculty and staff are available through Workforce Management Organization (WFMO) at 504-865-5280 or