NEW ORLEANS -- During most of the year, it's a sure thing that the post office is closed on Sunday.

During Christmas though, that rule may not apply. Two area locations were open Sunday from 8 a.m. until 2 p.m.

In New Orleans, the Roy Rondeno Station, located at 2000 Louisiana Avenue was open and in Metairie, the Metairie Main Post Office, located at 3301 17th Street, was open.

It was the first time the post offices opened on a Sunday during the holiday season.

"Leading into the busiest week of the year, to give our customers an additional day. People work Monday through Friday, sometimes they get off after 5 p.m., so now on Sunday it allows them to come in, get what they need to get done on their free time," Larry Darsam, postmaster, said.

Residents who came out say they loved it.

"This is a special treat for everybody!" Carolyn Sanders said.

Sanders said she always stops at her P.O. Box on Sunday morning, but on this trip she saw the post office was open.

"I've been trying to buy Christmas stamps for four days and I lucked out today. I didn't even know this was going to be open today," Sanders said.

The reason the post office was open was to relieve some of the lines during the busy holiday season.

Dr. Mike Wasserman was one of the people trying to avoid the lines.

"I thought if we left early enough we wouldn't have any problems and it seems like that will be the case," Wasserman said. "It makes everything more confident. There's not traffic, it's in and out, and it will work great."

Darsam said that is the experience he wants all customers to have.

"It's important to reach out to our customers and let them know that that's our job. This is our time of year, this is what we do; we provide our service to get packages home as well as cards," Darsam said.

The Post Office also says Monday is the expected to be the biggest day for traffic on its mobile site, with 7 million projected visits.

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During the two weeks leading up to Christmas, the Post Office said it will deliver nearly 200 million packages per week.