NEW ORLEANS - Police are investigating what they say is a big safety concern: people driving ATVs on city streets and the interstate.

"It's a major concern and a major problem that all cities are experiencing throughout the communities, especially New Orleans," says Lt. Anthony Micheu, New Orleans Police traffic commander.

People on four-wheelers and other off-road vehicles were spotted on St. Bernard, Elysian Fields and I-10 recently.

"I just was like 'wow.' I didn't know if it was illegal or legal to do but I know it was dangerous," says Darren Forges, who witnessed two people on four-wheelers.

Police are most concerned with this illegal activity being dangerous to those on the road.

"They're going against traffic illegally, weaving through cars. They're doing wheelies, doing all kinds of tricks, it could throw them, it could eject them," says Lt. Micheu.

Lt. Micheu says he thinks social media makes it worse because lawbreakers like this get an audience.

"They want everybody to see them, they want to hot dog, they want to be noticed. In actuality, it's a safety concern for everyone," says Lt. Micheu.

"I can't believe they would actually risk themselves doing this, just totally at risk," says Forges.

New Orleans police say they're working on a few different ways to get this issue under control. Lt. Micheu says the department has seized vehicles and made arrests but they are away this is an ongoing problem.

If you spot any illegal activity, contact police.