While the focus on rebuilding for many has turned to places like Baton Rouge and Denham Springs, there are still those here in New Orleans who need a little help.

Rebuilding Together is answering the call.

"It's looking good now ... real good," said 68-year-old Gwendolyn Nora as she watched crews work on her house. "I'm glad they came out here. I really is."

Nora has lived in the home for 20 years, raising her six sons there. She left when Hurricane Katrina flooded it and returned after one of her son's friends helped renovate it. The repairs were enough to get her back in, but not to last.

"A lot of them just weren't done correctly. So when we showed up six months ago, a lot of the siding was warped and the paint was peeling and it led to some really high energy bills due to the shoddy workmanship," said Catherine Crowell, the interim director for Rebuilding Together New Orleans.

Nora called the non-profit after someone left a flyer in her mailbox. This is the non-profit's 540th house since Hurricane Katrina. Resbuilding Together New Orleans has done nearly 1500 since it's inception in 1988.

The labor and materials are provided free of charge to homeowners.

"We have representing sponsor out here, Chevron, and they are not only paying for the cost of this house, but many of the houses throughout the city," Crowell said.

For Justin Clark, today as a way to pay it forward.

"I just wanted to give back to my community. New Orleans is my city. It just felt good to give back," Clark said.

It was a busy day as more than a dozen volunteers got to work rebuilding a porch, caulking and painting. Nora is thankful to have them here.

"Oh yes indeed. I'm really thankful. I'm really glad, as you can tell by the way I'm smiling. I'm really glad."

If you want to get involved and volunteer with Rebuilding Together, visit their website RTNO.org