NEW ORLEANS – Deep in the heart of the Carrollton neighborhood, residents can find one gem of a home.

The house was converted from a shipping container.

“We started construction in 2012,” homeowner Seth Rodewald-Bates said.

He moved in 2014 and has been living in the container for about three years.

"We saw everywhere in New Orleans and everywhere else for that matter. We splurged a little bit and put a nice pool in the back,” Rodewald-Bates said.

He also added a patio and porch. His home is one of nine which is part of the Weird Homes Tour that celebrates unique home in the city.

“All of these houses are going to look different. They may not look different on the outside, some do. They may look different on the inside, some may be decorated weird, some may look like the average New Orleans, but the inside is amazing so you never know what you're going to get," Chelly Neff, of the Weird Homes Tour, said.

One business owner at Pontchartrain Landing is looking to get people interested in tiny homes. According to the owner, each tiny home is about 400 square feet and his goal is to fill the 10-acre lot.

“For a tiny home, you got 399 square feet of living space but it's incredibly high-end, with granite countertops, the whole nine yards. When you walk into it has an incredibly rich feeling to it. They're very well built, it's tiny but it doesn't feel like it, it's a very livable space," Nate Gaarder, Pontchartrain Landing manager, said.

Whether is tiny or weird, these homes are upcoming trends in a city with a lot of character.