NEW ORLEANS - City tow trucks were out Monday removing cars that people had abandoned during the flooding on Saturday.

If you need to find our car, you can call the city's parking division at 504-658-8100 or the auto pound at 504-658-8284.

Cars were still lining some of the hardest-hit areas of town like at the Franklin Avenue underpass. Those left on the streets or neutral grounds were moved and left nearby, but out of the street or neutral ground area.

Some cars were towed to the impound yard, but city officials said there would be no fine for those whose cars were flooded out or which were parked on neutral grounds for protection.

One of the vehicles stuck on Franklin Avenue was stripped of its wheels and tires.

Another car, owned by Tammy Mack, succumbed to the flooding, which she said rose incredibly quickly.

"It was passable," she said of Franklin Avenue. "I wouldn't have went under there with a lot of water. It was passable, but, out of nowhere, it's like water just dropped down and filled up quickly."

Mack, like many of the exasperated flood victims, say the city has to do better.

"Why is it that every time we have a hard rain, we have all of this water, if they were supposed to have fixed the pumps?"