NEW ORLEANS -- There will soon be a changing of the guard at New Orleans City Hall.

With this fall's elections, a major shake-up is expected on the City Council. The open mayor's seat is also drawing a lot of attention from potential candidates.

"I love the city of New Orleans," Sen. Troy Carter, D-New Orleans said. "With that in mind, I continue to do my due diligence and keep it as an open consideration."

Carter is among those on a growing list of civic and business leaders looking at the mayor's race.

He is joined by fellow State Senator J.P. Morrell, State Representative Walt Leger and city council members LaToya Cantrell and Jason Williams. None of whom have committed to running.

Former Civil Court Judge Michael Bagneris, who lost to Mitch Landrieu in 2014, said he's all in.

"I'm definitely in it to win it," Bagneris said. "I'm not considering it, I'm already committed to doing it. I'm running for mayor."

WWL-TV pollster Ron Faucheux lost in a runoff to the late Mayor Dutch Morial in 1982. He said running for mayor isn't easy.

"Unfortunately, you have to be able to raise and spend a lot of money and you also have to have a message," Faucheux said. "You have to have an agenda, some reason for people to vote for you."

WWL-TV Political Analyst Clancy DuBos expects three to four major candidates with money and support to get into the race.

"There are names of potential candidates, some look more likely than others, but nobody stands out as the person to beat, right now," DuBos said.

Dubos also expects a wild card or two, possibly a well-known businessman -- the daughter and sister of former mayors -- and a sitting district attorney.

"Sidney Torres is a potential wild card," DuBos said. "So is Monique Morial. So is Leon Cannazzaro."

"You've got a lot of potential wild cards here," Faucheux said. "It's possible none of them will run. It's possible in the end, they would be the only three who would run."

There's still time for potential candidates to decide. Qualifying begins July 12.

The primary election will be held Oct. 14 with a runoff, if needed, Nov. 18.