NEW ORLEANS -- Parents with kids at Lusher Charter School have learned disturbing details from a threat made against the school last Thursday.

"She saw the alert and she had the question, if the person had made the threats on Thursday, why wasn't I notified on Friday until 15 minutes before dismissal," Nicole Cottles Adams said of her friend.

Adams helped pick up kids for a friend on Friday after that friend got an alert from the school about the threat. It said:

"Dear Families:We have been requested by the police to be on a heightened alert. There is no immediate threat. Out of an abundance of caution, we have increased security. We will have a regular dismissal but all after-school activities, with the exception of aftercare, are canceled.

Please make arrangements to pick up your children as close to 12:30 p.m. as possible.

--The Administrative Team"

NOPD explained at a press conference Monday what the threat was.

"Students at Lusher High School received information or heard threats that were told to them by another student that he was planning to shoot the school up on Friday, December 15th," Shaun Ferguson, NOPD Second District Commander said.

They say it all began Thursday. That night, officers obtained a warrant to arrest 14-year-old Wyatt Johnston for making terrorizing threats at school. On Friday, police contacted the father, Arthur Johnston. At first, they say he was cooperative.

"After several more conversations, he explicitly stated he was not turning his son into the New Orleans Police Department."

Following the exchange, officers then secured a warrant against the father for accessory after the fact. They then searched the Arthur Johnston's home.

"Where we located several handguns rifles and shotguns. As well as some controlled dangerous substance, to wit a small amount of marijuana and marijuana paraphernalia."

Monday morning, Wyatt's mother brought him to police while his father, accompanied by a lawyer turned himself in later.

"They sent something out in an email about a student apparent he said he was going to do something to the school," Jamie Colburn, a parent.

But as more found out the details the more upset they became.

"Something like that you should really know ahead of time," Adams added.

Another parent, Anita Fanara messaged Eyewitness News on Facebook saying, "I am livid how this has been handled. We knew nothing of what the actual threat was."

Eyewitness News contacted Lusher about the questions parents are asking, but there has been no response at this time.

Both father and son are still currently in police custody as of this publication.