NEW ORLEANS – The Carnival Triumph is back in New Orleans on Monday night and some passengers say the return from Cozumel couldn’t come sooner.

Karl Hinkel knows from first-hand experience that cruising near a hurricane is not fun.

“You were in bed and you were rocking back and forth,” Hinkel said.

“It was just enough to get that queasy feeling in your stomach, that kind of thing. You just power through by drinking and then you can get over that,” Hinkel said.

Hinkel was one of the thousands of guests on the Carnival Triumph which came back through the Gulf at the same time as Hurricane Irma. A video taken on the ship shows how rough the water got.

“You couldn't walk straight. You were lifting from side to side. It looked like everyone was drunk on board, but we know they weren't. It was uncomfortable,” Hinkel said.

Hinkel said it is good to be back on land.

Clarence Buckner from Airlington, Texas said it was unnerving.

“The scariest part was being in the cabin, and all the doors flying open and closing, plus the boat rocking that hard,” Buckner said.

However, Hinkel said there was an easy way to feel better.

“Once you start feeling poorly, hit the ice cream. And they got plenty of ice cream,” Hinkel said.

Both Buckner and Hinkel said they like cruising and would do it again.